6 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress Today

So you’re thinking about creating a website, but you have no clue where to start. Today’s your day; I’ll lay out 6 of the most popular types of websites you can create with WordPress.

Did you know, it’s estimated that there are more than 1.7 billion websites and 4.2 billion internet users clicking around those sites from all around the world? I mean COME ON! The internet IS a big deal and it ain’t going away anytime soon.  

If you’ve been dragging your feet with securing your own online space, then get to it NOW; you’re business, brand or product is missing out on huge opportunities to get seen by people from all around the world who want what you offer.

We all have to start from square one, and square one is knowing what type of website you want.  

Here are some of the top types of websites and some quick deets about their functions.  

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what you want your website to do for you, and get more pumped about all the opportunities your new little piece of the online pie can bring you.

1. Blog or Personal Website

A blog features regularly updated articles, photos and videos and it’s usually written by one person. A blog/personal website focuses on a specific subject or niche. Fun fact; WordPress started as a blogging platform and grew into a powerful CMS.  

credit: mylifesuckers.com

Take a look at the niches that are very popular for bloggers.

  1. Beauty
  2. Fashion
  3. Travel/Lifestyle
  4. Health/Wellness
  5. Food
  6. Self-Improvement
  7. Tech and Gaming
  8. Parenting

Whatever your passion may be, you can build a blog around it! Hell, you may even like to use your blog to bring in some extra cheddar with affiliates.

2. Business Website

Do you currently own a business or looking to launch one? Let me make this as urgent as possible…get ur biz online like yesterday!
Do you realize that 70 to 80 percent of consumers jump online FIRST before they decide to make a purchase? Phones in hand with the internet accessible 24/7, we expect….no we demand instant information regarding everything today! It is crucial for your business or brand to have its own online space to promote it.

credit: Sarah Lynn Co.

Business websites usually include the standard collection of informational pages that describe the business and the services or products it provides.  

3. eCommerce Website

Shopping, shopping shopping! An eCommerce website is an online shopping destination. For those whose goals are to sell stuff, then an eCommerce site is perfect. You’ll easily have options to offer products or services for visitors to purchase right there on the spot.

credit: www.ruffhouzin.com

The whole point of Ecommerce websites is to sell items to customers. And the opportunity for selling is AMAZING!

Have you heard of Dropshipping?  Dropshipping is a model of business where the actual site owner doesn’t make or stock the items. Instead, when a store sells a product, it’s purchased from a third party and then shipped directly to the customer. Pretty awesome eh?! 

4. Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is an online destination for those who want to showcase their work. It’s perfect for writers, artist, designers or any other creative out there who want to market themselves as a freelancer. It’s a wonderful way to present their work to future employees and to get eyeballs from all over the world onto their best work.

credit: Corrina Ryan Photography

A portfolio website is heavy in multimedia. You’ll find lots of images, and even video used. 

5. Landing Page Website

A landing page is a specific online site that’s created specifically to direct visitors to take a call-to-action (CTA). What’s a call-to-action you ask? A CTA is is a messaging that encourages web visitors toward a particular action. Like filling out a contact form, or buying a specific service or item.

Content on a landing page aims to be limited and its main goal is to get visitors to take action…NOW

6. Nonprofit Website

If you are thinking about starting a nonprofit or already have one, then you must create an online site to support it.

Nonprofit websites are key in raising money and building support and awareness for your cause.

credit: H Giving

You should set up your nonprofit site like a “business” or “eCommerce” website and add WordPress plugins that allow you to accept donations through PayPal. Is your mind blown yet? 

Wrap up

When I first started my blog over 12 years ago, I had no idea of the opportunities it would bring. My WordPress blog was just me sharing my daily challenges of being a mom, then it envolved into forms of income streams!

One of the toughest parts of creating a website is deciding your direction and then pulling the trigger on making it happen.

Creating my online presence was one of the best moves I’ve ever done and I hope the above information helps to educate you on the most common types of websites out there today that you can easily create with WordPress.

Are you feeling inspired to start your own website yet?  If your answer is YES, then you must JOIN my FREE Website IN A Weekend Workshop!

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