8 Minimalist Home Office Accessories to refresh your workspace and mood.

Let’s just be honest. My brain is cluttered enough with way too many tabs open. As I grow older I find concentrating is seriously a problem and adopting a minimalist attitude keeps me sane. I totally blame it on having kids, because I remember the days I could hold a phone conversation AND grocery shop at the same time. Now? Phew. I be like “girl bye, I’m at Stater Bros and I need to focus!” 

So eliminating clutter around me is a must. I function best with minimalist colors and patterns. Throughout my home and especially within my workspace. When I shut down for the evening I clear my desk off and only leave the couple of items that I plan to work on the next day. That way when I wake up and sit down with my coffee, I have a clear focus of what my day needs to look like.

Minimal, clean, and functional with a touch of fab is the vibe I feel most comfortable in. I then feel like I can get sh*t done!

Home Office Decor for the Minimalist In Mind

Feel like your creative space has a little too much going on and you need to declutter? I’ve curated a list of accessories for your desk that is perfect for the minimalist office space.

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ITEMS AS SEEN ABOVE: 1 Eco-friendly bullet journal ll 2 Sparrow nest paper clip holder ll 3 Wood elephant phone holder ll Computer desk ll 5 Felt letter board llMini staplers ll Wooden desk organizer ll Serta office chair

When your workspace is clean, organized and uncluttered it’s amazing the clarity it can bring to you.  Less is more – more production in your office area!

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