There's something about Rose Gold that's chic and boss all in one. Give your home office workspace some pop with these 12 rose gold office accessories.

Being a content creator,  AKA blogging beast,  you find yourself spending long hours behind the computer and in your workspace. Having a beautiful home office is pretty important for inspiration and comfort.  Who wants to look at something boring and impersonal. 

Create a home office area that truly reflects your personality! Lately, I’ve found that I’ve gravitated towards muted softer colors, like powdered blues or pinks on my desk. But then I always like an element of surprise, so I’ll pop in gold.  AND let’s not forget to add greenery! It’s amazing what a cute little-potted plant will do for your mood.

Your home office is where ideas come to life so remember to surround yourself with inspiring textures and elements. Plus, remember to refresh your workspace from time to time.  Let’s be honest, ordering a sexy new office chair is about as exciting as Christmas morning!

Fab & feminine Rose Gold office accessories

Below I’ve compiled a collection of rose gold accessories for a feminine chic workspace that will get you excited about refreshing your home office.

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ITEMS AS SEEN ABOVE: 1 Stainless steel water bottle ll 2 Kate Spade Large Notebook ll 3 Ceramic succulent planter ll 4 Nameplate desk sign ll 5 Desktop phone stand ll 6 Rose gold scissors ll 7 Teardrop table lamp ll 8 3 pcs diamond pens ll 9  Desktop tape dispenser ll 10 Champagne candle ll 11 Magnetic paper clip holder ll 12 Desktop organizer

There’s something about rose gold that says chic + kick ass all in one.  It’s a great color for all boss girls of all ages that I don’t think will be going away anytime soon.

If you love rose gold and are looking to simplify your workspace, you may find my minimalist office accessories something you just may need!


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