Flip Flops With Laptops is an immersive seven week group course and learning opportunity for determined entrepreneurs who want to create a stand out website and start the ball rolling towards living a freedom lifestyle by earning online.

I’ll show you how to DIY a killer website, that attracts the RIGHT AUDIENCE!

-Are you serious about getting your business idea online, and want to carve out your own unique space that you’re proud of?

-Does spending thousands on a web designer make you roll your eyes and make you want to continue to “put off” getting yourself a website?

-OR do you feel you just are not “techie” enough?  Does all the talk of domains and hosting make your head want to swivel off and say NEVERMIND…

Here’s the thing, you are completely capable and SMART enough to start your website, you just need a roadmap and tools to get you there.

They don’t call me The WordPress Whisperer for nothing…I’ll show you all you need in 7 weeks to build and launch your dream website.

✔️ Clueless where to start or what to include in your site?

✔️ Tired of piecing together tutorials or YouTube videos?

✔️ Tired of doing biz with a website that looks like your toddler designed it?

✔️ Unsure of how to maintain your all the moving pieces to keep your site updated?

✔️ Want to learn what SEO is all about but along with all the other “tech talk” it sounds like another language?

✔️ Thinking you need to know coding to DIY your site?

OH Boy, watch what happens in 7 weeks! Let me introduce you to Flip Flops With Laptops…

Everything you need to know so you can finally get VISIBLE online.

In this fast-track 7 week course, I will give you all the tools to empower you to confidently build a beautiful website that gives you a place online to grow your audience and income.  I have compliled my 12 years of knowledge for creating amazing into lessons that are easy to follow in one place! We’re covering mindset, brand boards, seo, and so much more to help guide you to your online goals.  I’ve thought of it all, so you don’t have to!

What’s Included?

Week 1 – Mindset

  • Developing a Success Mindset
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Establish a Wellness Routine

Week 2 – Website & Blog Setup

  • Purchase Domain Name and Hosting, SSL Certificate Install
  • Install WordPress
  • WordPress Mastery- Set up theme, plugins, pages
  • Set up custom business email address

Week 3 – Setup Shop

  • Install Woocommerce
  • Woocommerce Mastery- Adding products, choosing template & theme
  • Set up PayPal

Week 4 – Branding

  • The 5 V’s of Branding 
  • Develop your brand’s foundation, mission and purpose
  • Establish your unique POV
  • Craft a killer brand story
  • Learn to effectively communicate your message
  • Craft the visual part of your brand- Create a brand board!

Week 5 – SEO 101

  • Learn how search engines work
  • Learn about keywords & keyword research methods
  • How to create a solid, optimized content with Yoast

Week 6 – Blogging Lesson

  • Learn the WHY, and HOW’s to use your blog
  • Keys to writing content that is informative & engaging  
  • Creating stand out graphics
  • Pinterest to drive traffic to your posts, products, and email list

Week 7 – Launch Week!

  • Learn all the marketing tips and methods for a successful launch
  • Learn the important ongoing maintenance tasks to keep your site running smoothly post-launch.
  • Going LIVE!


I’ve designed a powerhouse of materials to teach you the exact steps in order to DIY an amazing looking website that you’re proud to share with the world!

What’s Included Your 7-Week Launch Plan

✔️ 7 Weekly LIVE Zoom sessions to guide, give you clarity and confidence to build your site

✔️ Pre-recorded video tutorials to give you all of the steps, tools, and strategies to reinforce what you learned

✔️ A private community that’s filled with a small group of other like-minded, ambitious entrepreneurs

✔️1 x 30 minute 1:1 strategy call before the course kicks off

✔️1 x 30 minute personal website review before you go LIVE

✔️ LIFETIME ACCESS – so you can revisit your modules again and again!

Hey there, I’m Celeste…

I’m a Online Business Educator + Website Developer who teach others how to build and launch stand out websites with WordPress.

Cut to me 12 years ago, while I was placed on bed rest while expecting, I wanted to announce our daughter’s birth in a cool way…and not the boring cards in the mail *whoomp whoomp* So THIS GIRL decided to make a website!

I didn’t know what the hell I was doing or where to start. Back in those days there wasn’t a whole lot of tutorials online. So I sat myself down in my recliner every single day for 2 months and researched and pieced together everything I could get my hands on. By the time she arrived, I had created a website that shared tons of pics and videos with our family and friends from all over the world.

I’ve been obsessed with blogging, graphic design, and social media every since. My little hobby of blogging has turned into a full on business and I haven’t looked back since!

For over 12 years I have built successful websites, blogs and online shops with WordPress. So far, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world DIY their custom websites and get their ideas, hobbies, products & services off the ground!


Who is this for?

For driven entrepreneurs who want to build a website, brand, shop, and blog.

What does Beta-Launch mean?

A beta-launch means this course has not been released yet publicly. It’s an early test run of this program, that I’m only offering to a small private group. I’ll be learning from students as we go along about how I can make this course even better in the future.  I’m working out the kinks and you get to take advantage of this with a huge price break.  

When this course is out of beta stage, it will be offered around $400-$600. 

Can a non-techie do this?

Without a doubt YES!  

I have created this course with my “tech-challenged” students in mind through and through.  My course is for the non-techies of all ages!  By seven weeks you will feel confident in the knowledge to maintain and continue to grow your site for the future.

When does this course start ?

The coursework officially kicks off April  9, 2020 and runs for 7 weeks.

Do I have to use WordPress?

Yes! WordPress is the site builder we’ll use for this course.  All my sites I run are built on WordPress…in my opinion the best platform out there.  

What other costs can I expect?

You will need to purchase your domain name and web hosting.


What’s the refund policy?

A refund may be issued up until the first day of lessons. After that no refunds will be issued due to the digital nature of the course.

Are You Ready to Get The Ball Rolling? Let’s Do This!