Fun Personality Quizzes to Explode Your Email List are becoming a more and more popular way to engage with your blog's readers. One the most effective way to capture and grow your email list with a 50% conversion rate!

Let’s get serious about growing your email list today!  There is one major reason why you should be using personality quizzes to build your email list… To attract the right audience! I vowed to bring you the best tools to help build your brand and business and OH BOY do I have a killer tool for you to implement into your list building strategies.  I couldn’t wait to share with you my latest discovery.  I’m creatively offering my visitors a way to tap into their secret entrepreneurial calling AND capturing their email addresses to further educate them.  And I created all this in just an hour.   Use fun personality quizzes for big email list results

Fun Personality Quizzes to Explode Your Email List are becoming a more and more popular way to engage with your blog's readers. One the most effective way to capture and grow your email list with a 50% conversion rate!
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Ok, before we get into it, I want you to remember back in the day when you were a teenager and you would run across one of those quizzes in your favorite magazine that would tell you who your celebrity soulmate was or what your favorite color reveals about you?  There was something about those quizzes that you couldn’t flip pass.  You were curious and you felt like you learned something new about yourself each time you would get your results. Fast forward to 2018 and the lead generating quizzes are all the same feels but with an added bonus.  Collecting the emails of your readers!  Create a quiz with the right questions and it can help guide you with who your readers are and what problems you can solve for them.


My quiz is below….go ahead and learn something new about yourself 🙂
[interact id="5b419278de7c10001438cf06" type="quiz"]

Lead generation quizzes are a powerful lead magnet tool for social media and websites that use thoughtfully guided questions in the form of some kind of quiz.  Quizzes are created such as personality, trivia or graded types that use readers answers to produce results in exchange for usually the visitor’s email address. Here’s why personality quizzes totally rock:


1.  They’re a creative alternative to everyday email opt-ins.


Create a fun, fairly short quiz that will give your readers some helpful insight about themselves in the results.  The point is to create a quiz that distracts readers for only a minute, but doesn’t make them feel like their “search flow” was thrown off.

2.  Quizzes are easy peasy!


Ridiculously easy for your readers to complete your quiz and receive their results.  I built my personality quiz with Interact and it was just as easy to create it.  They offer over 100 premade templates to use so you don’t have to worry about recreating the wheel when creating yours.  Here’s a peek of their template options:

interact quiz premade template


3.  It’s segmented


Not all of your readers have the same needs.  For example, some of my visitors might come to my site for Instagram tips while others may be searching about how to brand their businesses.  I suspect you are reading this post because you are interested in learning about growing your email list.  Right?  My point is that when you create your own quiz, first have an END GAME or purpose in mind that aligns with your website or brand.  What I did before I even logged into Interact and began the creating process, was decide on what audience I wanted to capture.  Obviously, it was creatives, but there are different types of creatives out there so I made a short list about each type and then drafted a great description of each.  The quiz platform steps you through and helps you customize every aspect of your quiz.

4.  It Works!


According to BuzzSumo, that on average a quiz gets shared 1,900 times AND quizzes have a conversion rate of 50%!  See why they’re popular?  Readers find quizzes irresistible and love learning more about themselves.

5.  Options on top of options


This is another reason why I choose Interact was because the platforms options are endless!  You are not just limited to one quiz but created as many as you want. Another feature that surprised me was how easy it was to include your own images and brand colors.  Your quizzes can be as unique and detailed as you wish.  Pretty cool. If your website or blog is up, don’t wait any longer in getting serious about growing your email list.  NOW is the time.  I personally love Interact and encourage you to give them a try.  They offer varying price levels.  I suggest you go with the lite plan to get your feet wet.  Creating a fun quiz for your online space can really launch your email list numbers like crazy!  If you decide to go with the quiz option to build your email list, please let me know.  I would love to take your quiz and learn something new about myself too 🙂