How to Make Branded Quote Images That Boost Your Business

How to create branded images like a boss with Canva

Instagram and Pinterest, are both wonderful platforms for sharing beautiful imagery that can resonate with your audience.  Beautiful quote images can spark emotion and inspire your audience, no matter what niche it is.


Important things to keep in mind when creating your branded quote image.

Find a simple image for the background.  You don’t want the image to be too busy as it will take away the quote’s message.

I suggest you create two images. One for Instagram and the other for Pinterest. If you take a look at how Instagram displays images, it is different than say Pinterest.  Pinterest pins that are visually powerful are larger in height than Instagram.  Use 1080 x 1080px for Instagram feed display and 735 x 1102 px for Pinterest.

Light images receive 20 times more repins than images that are dark.

Always, always add your logo or website link to your created graphic.  That’s the game changer!  Just imagine your graphics being saved and reused by your audience on their feeds and showing your site name or logo along with it?  I know you wanna dance of the thought. I sure do.

Take a look!


Easily create your branded quote image.

Hop on over to

Sign up if you don’t already have an account.  There’s a FREE version and paid versions.  I used the Instagram template featured.  If you don’t see it, click the MORE box.

TIP: You can also select USE CUSTOM DIMENSIONS. The dimensions for Instagram feed is 1080 x 1080


Select and upload your personal image from computer.  Drag or double-click your uploaded image onto your canvas.  Fill up the whole canvas with your selected image.  If needed, reposition and drag out corners of the image to fill the canvas.


Add Text to image.
Select TEXT option.  SO many options!  I just selected the ADD SUBHEADING option.


Edit your text.
You don’t have to edit it in this exact order but here’s how I usually do it.  Play around and reposition your text box.  Place text box where you want.  Type or paste in your desired quote into the box.  Play with the size, font style, color. Position it until you’re happy.  Want to add a filter?  Go for it!


Add your logo.
Brand that beast!  Go back the upload button.  Click and upload your logo.  Drag or double-click your image to add it to your canvas.  Resize and reposition it just as you did your original image.


TIP:  I like to sometimes bring down my logo’s transparency if I feel it’s SCREAMING and not blending into the background.  Just go up to the upper right corner in the menu where you see the small black/white grid option.  Select and use the slider to get your image to a perfect blend.


Download your newly created branded graphics to your desired destination onto your computer.

Now, you have a fabulous image that’s all yours AND branded!


Canva is just one of my must-have blogging tools.  Find the rest of my favorite blogging resources here at the Best Blogging Tools page!