Friends often ask me how do I make money from blogging. Ads are what most beginning bloggers try, but there are so many other ways to make money from your blog. Work your blog, work from home and make a living from it with these staple strategies. #workfromhome #blogging #startablog #monetizeablog #passiveincome #mompreneur

If you ever wondered exactly how to make money blogging, then you’re at the right spot.  Blogging can be a fun hobby to express yourself online.  That is exactly how I began my journey. Then I did my research and found out how to make money blogging, AND that it’s not just for the pros.  My life changed!

How Can I make money blogging?

Friends often ask me how do I make money from blogging. Ads are what most beginning bloggers try, but there are so many other ways to make money from your blog. Work your blog, work from home and make a living from it with these staple strategies. #workfromhome #blogging #startablog #monetizeablog #passiveincome #mompreneur

This post contains affiliate links for products that I personally use and/or believe are the best of the market for fellow bloggers. If you purchase through my link, you won’t have to pay a cent more, but I get a small commission. Thanks for supporting my site!

Do bloggers really make money?

The answer is YES.  And if you treat your blog like a business, it’s a hell yes!

How do bloggers make money?

The short answer is through income streams.  Successful bloggers use their blogs as a home base and then build up their income streams from there.

How much do bloggers make?

As a blogger, you can make “side hustle” money or full-time career pay-my-mortgage kind of money.  It varies.  I haven’t stepped into that level yet, but I’m working hard at it! It’s common within your first year of blogging to make an extra $300 – $1,500 per month.  And then year 2 – 5, you can significantly increase your blog revenue towards the $60,000 a year mark.  The 6 figure blogger is very common and obtainable.

How long does it take?

Making money overnight blogging is just not going to happen.  Throwing up ads and affiliate links will not magically start bringing money into your bank account.  Purposeful, strategic blogging will take you 7-9 months to build up those income streams.

What are the ways bloggers make money?

There are many ways bloggers can make money.  My advice is to try a few and give your efforts time to see results.  Decide if they make sense with your blog’s purpose and if they genuinely serve your readers.  This combination creates a thriving beast of a blog and can maintain healthy streams of income for years.

Here are the 5 main ways bloggers make money:


  1.   Advertising

  2.   Affiliate Marketing

  3.   Digital Products

  4.   Physical Products 

  5.   Services 


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1.  Advertising 


Use your blog to allow other businesses and companies to place their products or services in front of potential customers is monetizing 101.  Here are ways to incorporate advertising into your blog:

  1. Display ads– Use your header, sidebar, and footer to place ad graphics. Utilize placing within your content where it makes sense.
  2. Giveaways & reviews – Companies will compensate you with money or with a free product for highlighting their product through a giveaway or a post review.
  3.  Sponsored – Companies pay bloggers to write posts with mentions of their products or services.


Advertising is probably the first step bloggers take in getting their feet wet in the monetizing world.  That’s what I did. However, I found you need a butt load of traffic coming in and out of your blog for it to be profitable.


2.  Affiliate Marketing 


I bet you’ve heard the term affiliate marketing quite a bit.  Affiliate marketing is simply promoting another’s product or service to your readers.  You are the middle man (or middle girl *wink*) in connecting your audience to another party.  You, the blogger creates affiliate links within your content and when a reader clicks through that link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.  There are a gazillion affiliate programs out there to join.  Find those that makes sense with your blog’s purpose.  Here are some I participate in:

  1. Amazon Associates – Bloggers create links to Amazon products and when customers click through those links and buy something, you earn referral fees. Sweet huh?
  2. Amazon Influencer Program – This is a different Amazon program that allows you to own your own Amazon shop with a customized URL.
  3. iPage *Updated* Siteground- Yes, previously I built my websites with iPage and now I’ve found a better solution for housing all my online needs. SiteGround is extremely fast, reliable and the #1 web hosting service that makes designing WordPress sites a piece of cake!
  4.  ShopStyle – ShopStyle offers thousand of brands and top retailer all in one place.  By becoming an affiliate with ShopStyle you are connected with retailers like Target, Gucci, PBteen, Pier 1 Imports….it’s incredible!  Another plus by signing on with ShopStyle is you get paid per click and not just when your reader makes the purchase.
  5.  ShareASale – ShareASale is another mega program that has an incredible network of merchants.  You’ll want to apply here.


With the right affiliate programs and a solid affiliate marketing strategy, you can quickly earn big profits.  I only sign up and recommend products that I use and that I truly love.  Don’t get overwhelmed with all the choices out there.  Focus on what is best for your blog and your readers.

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3. Digital Products


Products that are digital are great because they don’t require inventory.  They are easy to distribute and with low risk.  A few examples of digital products that can be profitable for bloggers


  1. eCourses – An eCourse is short for email course. Bloggers develop eCources on desired topics that are delivered in several sections via email.
  2. Webinars and online classes – Teaching a topic online. Sometimes it’s done live, other times it’s prerecorded.
  3. eBooks – Compiling all your blog posts and offering it as an eBook is a very popular way bloggers make money.
  4. Membership Content – Content that is offered on your blog but readers must pay to access it is a very common monetization strategy for bloggers.
  5. Images – Photographers make good money by selling their photos online through popular stock image website, and platforms designed for independent creatives to sell their goods like Creative Market.
  6.  Apps, plugins or themes – If you have the knack for coding, creating apps, or designing website themes you will have no problem making lots of cash.


4. Physical Products


Hellllo you talented Etsy peeps!  An Etsy shop just won’t do (sorry).  Create your own self-hosted website and truly control your store, monetize ads, and grow your business on your terms.

  1. Books- many bloggers have become traditionally published authors due to their blogs.  Did you know Joanna Gaines had a blog named Magnolia Mom before the famous Fixer Upper and all her books?  Heard of the Pioneer Woman?  Yep, I remember being a fan of her blog before she became popular with her cookbooks and tv show.
  2. Handmade Products – Makers gonna make.  Now create a blog and give your customers a place to find and purchase ALL your products in one space.
  3. Drop Ship – Bloggers who don’t create physical items can still sell them.  Find a reputable company who makes products you love and delivers them to your customer when purchased on your site.


5. Services 


What are you an expert at?  Some bloggers use their expertise related to their blog topic and become a freelance for hire.

  1. Speaking – Speaking gigs are great for bloggers to make extra income and power up their reputation on being the go-to expert in their field.
  2. Virtual assistance – Fivver is a popular site for offering your virtual assistance services.  Your blog is also a perfect place to advertise and amplify your expertise.



Blogging is not a get rich quick gig that you will see cash flowing in overnight.  Blogging takes time, patience, and a solid marketing strategy to develop profitable income streams.

I use to be guilty of being the blogger who jumped around from one shiny object to another and it got me nowhere for a long time.  Hear me clear and loud; DO NOT try and reinvent the wheel when it comes to monetizing your blog, but DO show your creativity and let your own voice come through on your website.

Seek out other bloggers who are seasoned in the game and are willing to help guide you down the correct paths.  Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting your time, money,  and patience.  Then giving up on your dream of becoming a successful and profitable blogger before you even give yourself time to grow.

If you came away from this post inspired please share with friends or leave a comment.  I live for comments ya’ll!

Friends often ask me how do I make money from blogging. Ads are what most beginning bloggers try, but there are so many other ways to make money from your blog. Work your blog, work from home and make a living from it with these staple strategies. #workfromhome #blogging #startablog #monetizeablog #passiveincome #mompreneur