Pinterest Templates for Canva

Struggling creating Pinterest pins that are eye-catching?  Are you wasting hours each month designing pins that are not getting clicks or reshares?

Gorgeous templates that are easily editable with Canva for those with zero design skills!


Stop wasting hours creating Pinterest pins that are boring and dull.


All templates are fully editable in Canva. Simply switch out photos and change to your brand colors.


Templates remove all the guess work of creating the perfect pin and makes designing future pins a snap!


New Templates!

Hello Spring!

Playfully social

what they're saying

These templates are the best! Having these already done has made my life so much easier, and taken at least an hour off the time it typically took me to create these. All I have to do is change up the colors to match my brand and I’m good to go. Easy-peasy!

Maegon Renee

Sitting down and trying to create different pins for all my blog posts was so time consuming. Now I simply change out the text and colors and I'm done!

Emma Velasquez